Air Quality Testing & Consultancy @ *Fair Price


Digital & Chemical testing of PM10, PM2.5, T-VOCs, CO, CO2, Ozone, SOx, NOx, Indoor Comfort and others

Residential Testing

Find out the quality of air you breathe in your home. We do spot testing/Grab sampling and 24/12/8 hours continuous air quality monitoring too. Professional reports are shared with recommendations for suitable solution and getting certification. Fair Price (packages starts@ Rs. 499*) Available in Delhi-NCR

Corporate Testing

Professional IAQ monitoring services. We use gold standard instruments like TSI -Dusttrak & Testo-IAQ monitor and follow international standards. Audits and inspections for sick building syndrome. Packages starts@ Rs. 2999*. Affordable IAQ-testing without compromising on quality of data. 360* consultancy for solutions.

Hire Instruments

Are you a research associate or a product tester or a subject matter expert?? if you need instruments to perform your testing with calibrated instruments than contact us for hiring instruments at affordable rates. Already many research scholars & experts using our instruments for their projects.

Validate Solutions

Want to know the performance (Efficiency & Efficacy) of air purifier or centralized filtration system or any other product? Give us a chance to explain you the performance in local conditions. We can help in selecting the best product for your requirement. Validation of performance of new products. .

About Us

Air Quality Management Services
Continued monitoring Continued solutions Continued health benefits

Air Quality Management Services (AQMS) is a joint venture of Your Own Green Area (YOGA) Creations Pvt. Ltd. and Indian Pollution Control Association to provide unbiased Air Quality Testing & Consultation services by experts. We use finest range (Gold standard) of calibrated instruments to "understand the air you breathe and suggest solutions accordingly”. Team at AQMS is of highly qualified subject matter experts who know air better than anyone else. Dr. Radha Goyal (Ph.D. in Indoor Air Quality from IIT-Delhi) leads the Testing & Consultation services. We manage what we measure on a continued basis. Continued Real time testing of air pollution, Continued R&D, Continued sharing of results, Continued discussions with health experts, Continued customized solutions at fair price.

  • Technology

    Finest-Gold Standard calibrated Instruments

  • Analytical skills

    Subject Matter Experts

  • Problem solving

    We Manage what we Measure

  • Accuracy

    Reliable Results


Subject matter experts with rich experience in air quality monitoring & consultancy
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Dr. Radha Goyal

Dr. Radha is Ph.D. in Indoor Air Quality from IIT-Delhi and have first hand experience in working with govt. bodies and policymakers in the field of air pollution in India. She is working actively since last 10 years in this field and right now is heading air quality management services along with other projects.
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Sachin Panwar

Co-Founder & IAQ Consultant
Sachin Panwar, a social entrepreneur, who works to provide sustainable solution for Air Pollution problem in India. He is a biotech graduate & MBA. He founded probably the first startup to exclusively provide solutions for air pollution in India in 2010.
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Ashish Jain

Co-Founder & Promotor
Ashish Jain is an Environmental Activist and Director of Indian Pollution Control Association since last 15 Years. He has rich experience in auditing buildings for Sick Building Syndrome and one of the notable project was with IIT-Delhi at Indira Gandhi Airport-Delhi.

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